Water Trays

*Pole sleeves sold separately in sets of 4 (matching sets)

Water Tray (Exclusive):    
(2.7 x 0.6m) : R2,550.00
(2.7 x 0.9m) : R3,050.00
(2.7 x 1.2m) : R3,550.00
(2.7 x 2.0m) : R4,900.00
(3.3 x 0.6m) : R2,900.00
(3.3 x 0.9m) : R3,500.00
(3.3 x 1.2m) : R4,150.00
(3.3 x 2.0m) : R5,800.00
(3.5 x 2.8m) : R8,500.00
(4.0 x 3.0m) : R9,500.00
(1.4m Octagon) : R2,300.00
(3.3 x 1.2m Kidney) : R4,900.00
Water Tray (Standard):    
(2.7 x 0.9m) : R1,200.00
(2.7 x 1.2m) : R1,500.00
(2.7 x 1.7m) : R2,100.00
(3.2 x 2.5m) : R3,000.00
(1m Round with rubber) : R1,000.00
(1m Octagon with rubber) : R1,200.00

Water Trays (Exclusive)

  • Long life
  • Extremely strong
  • Crush proof sides
  • All construction is high frequency sound welded together
  • No glue utilised

Exclusive Water Tray (1.2m)


A loose white PVC strip is supplied for the landing side of the open water trays. For world cup qualifier shows, prestik must be used

Exclusive Open Water Tray


Exclusive Octagonal Water Tray (1.4m diameter)

Exclusive Octagonal Water Tray


Exclusive Water Tray Edges


Exclusive Water Trays Edges

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Water Trays (Standard)

Available colours:

  White   Black   Red
  Blue or Navy   Yellow   Green


Our popular Standard Water Trays have foam stitched into their edges. They are light in weight and portable. They can hold a little water for a while, but due to the stitching, water cannot be held for long periods. Over time the water tray will seal better. But note that with the colour of the water tray and the shimmer from just a little water in it, horses automatically perceive these as water holding water trays.

For a heavier duty water tray that holds more water, please see our Exclusive range of water trays (above).

Water Trays with Foam


90 x 270cm

Water Tray - 90 x 270cm


120 x 270cm

Water Tray - 120 x 270cm


170 x 270cm

Water Tray - 170 x 270cm


250 x 320cm - Open Water Tray
(Stitching down the middle)

Water TRay - 250 x 320cm


Navy Blue

Water Tray - Navy




Water Tray - Black



Water Tray - Green


Octagonal Water Tray
With rubber inside edges (+- 1m Diameter)

Octagonal Water Tray (Rubber)



Red Octagonal Water Tray (Rubber)


Round Water Tray
With rubber inside edges (+- 1m Diameter)

Standard Round Water Tray


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** Note: **

* Colours and patterns are interchangeable. You can change colours from the photos, so long as you keep to one of the 7 material colours available (see each page for our colour chart). Interchangeable patterns eg: if you would like a filler bridge but the pattern you like is on the Pole Sleeve page. (order as such: 1D Filler 50-60cm))

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

* Manufacturing of orders commences once deposit has been paid.

* Collection of completed orders can be arranged only once remaining payment has been made.
All transport to be handled by customers. Weights and measurements can be provided on completion of orders.