Sun Fillers

Available colours:

  White   Black   Red
  Blue or Navy   Yellow   Green

*Pole sleeves are sold separately in sets of 4 (matching sets)

Approx. hanging height  
    2.8m Length
(70-80cm) : R 680.00
    3.4m Length
(70-80cm) : R 750.00

Filler Sun


The sun and its rays are made of vinyl adhered strongly to the backing PVC material.



Sun Filler - Black with Yellow Sun



Sun Filler - Yellow with Black Sun


Sun Tapered Fillers



Tapered Sun Filler - Black



Tapered Sun Filler - Blue



Tapered Sun Filler - Green



Tapered Sun Filler - Red

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** Note: **

* Colours and patterns are interchangeable. You can change colours from the photos, so long as you keep to one of the 7 material colours available (see each page for our colour chart). Interchangeable patterns eg: if you would like a filler bridge but the pattern you like is on the Pole Sleeve page. (order as such: 1D Filler 50-60cm))

* Manufacturing of orders commences once deposit has been paid.

* Collection of completed orders can be arranged only once remaining payment has been made.
All transport to be handled by customers. Weights and measurements can be provided on completion of orders.