Jump Cups and Keyhole Strips

Versatile | Durable | No Rusting

Cups (each) R 75.00
Keyhole Strip: 80cm (each) R 85.00

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Jump Cups and Keyhole Strips

Strong Plastic Jump Cups
Locally produced (Manufacturers Guarantee)
Multifunctional - flat side up for poles, or curved side up for planks
Cups can fit existing keyhole uprights
Attach strips with screws or pop rivets to: uprights, 44 gallon oil drums, or wooden gum poles in free jumping lanes

Each keyhole strip is 80cm in length


Examples of placement options on uprights:

  1. 1 strip can be attached at any desired height to fit your specific jumping routine
  2. 1.5 keyhole strips (ie: cut 1 strip in half), attached 30cm from bottom of upright can give you a jumping height between 40cm and 1.6m (international height)
  3. 2 keyhole strips, if placed at bottom of upright , can allow you to jump anywhere between 30cm and 1.7m
The choices are numerous


* Prices are subject to change without notice.