Pole Sleeves and Jump Fillers
Wooden Jump Equipment

Originating in 2006 from a need to reduce the frustration of painting jump poles and a passion for the appearance of our arenas, we bring affordable equestrian equipment to the horse riding community.

Benefits of PVC Sleeves and Fillers:

Sleeves and Fillers Jump

We all know the amount of work it takes to maintain a riding arena and consistently make it look beautiful.

Often, jumps like gates, walls, bridges and aqueducts cannot be built in our own arenas due to the work involved and equipment required, and the only time we encounter them is in show jumping events.

Discovery Jump

PVC sleeves and fillers allow for a lot of variation in jump types. Matching sets of sleeves and fillers can be used to build a single upright or striking combinations, oxers/spreads, triple bars and more. Our PVC products are designed for riding schools and personal facilities. Not only will your arena look great, but so too will the various fillers give you and your horse good practice for show jumping events.

Our light weight standard water trays, manufactured with foam sides are perfect for training and personal arenas, while our very high quality range of exclusive water trays with sound welded crush proof edges are used in graded show jumping events around South Africa.

Our wooden horse jumping equipment is manufactured for use in graded and non-graded show jumping arenas, training arenas as well as personal facilities. Products include: wood uprights, wood fillers, wood walls, wood panels, and complete wooden jumps.

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* All our PVC and wood products are hand-crafted, and every item is made to order.