Closed Aqueducts

Available colours:

  White   Black   Red
  Blue   Yellow   Green

*Pole sleeves sold separately in sets of 4 (matching sets)

Approx. hanging height  
    2.8m Length
(70 - 80cm) : R 700.00
    3.4m Length
(70 - 80cm) : R 770.00

Triple Arch Closed Aqueduct


Aqueducts and brick design are made of vinyl adhered to the backing PVC material. Vinyl must be in white or black.



Closed Aqueduct Triple - Black & White



Closed Aqueduct Triple - Blue & White



Closed Aqueduct Triple - Red White



Closed Aqueduct Triple - White & Black



Closed Aqueduct Triple - Yellow & Black



Single Arch Closed Aqueduct



Closed Aqueduct Single - Blue & White



Closed Aqueduct Single - White & Black

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** Note: **

* Colours and patterns are interchangeable. You can change colours from the photos, so long as you keep to one of the 7 material colours available (see each page for our colour chart). Interchangeable patterns eg: if you would like a filler bridge but the pattern you like is on the Pole Sleeve page. (order as such: 1D Filler 50-60cm))

* Manufacturing of orders commences once deposit has been paid.

* Collection of completed orders can be arranged only once remaining payment has been made.
Alternatively, we can arrange delivery via courier. On completion of the order, the package/s are weighed and measured. Transport pricing is obtained from the courier. That pricing is relayed to you, and you pay the courier directly on delivery.